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VitPro Car Wax Polish Spray ...

Product Features The car wax polish spray is safe on paint, fiberglass, plastic, aluminum, vinyl, etc. Removes fingerprints and water spots.  Extends the life of the surface.  Good to use in sun or shade. 3 years warranty

VitPro Scratch and Swirl Rem...

Product Features The scratch and swirl remover is used in the grinding process and is specially designed to remove the traces on the paint surface. It can effectively remove sanding trace of 1000-1500, moderate scratches, a moderate oxide layer, and water spots.  This process requires the use of a grinding disc, suitable for hand operation or machine, and can be used in a conjunction with the polishing agent for polishing.  3 years warranty

VitPro Leather Conditioners ...

Product Features
  1. VitPro Leather Conditioner has a balanced composition that cleans, nourishes & moisturizes leather surface. 
  2. Adopting the polymer formula, VitPro Leather Conditioner is different from the common leather protectant as it will not produce any solvent corrosion, sticky dust, and other side effects on the leather. 
  3. The conditioner deeply nourishes and protects the leather through infiltration function, help the leather effectively resist UV rays and anti-aging, perfect for car leather interior and family leather product maintenance and polishing. Use it on the leather of any colour.
  4.  3 Years Warranty